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Lawn care can start to seem like a chore, especially in the long summer months when you would rather spend time enjoying your yard than spending time to maintain it. Let us take lawn care off your plate this season with help from the professionals!

Open Communication

We take communication to the next level when it comes to staying up-to-date on your services, providing pre-service calls, and keeping you in the loop on your lawn’s needs!

Quality Service

We provide exceptional lawn care service through top-notch products, a passionate team, and continuous education to give you the best results possible!

No Contracts

We are so confident that you will love the results of your lawn care that we don’t require you to sign a contract. Enjoy flexibility to your plan with our no contract policy!

Our technician is so knowledgeable and answered every single question that I had before he left!
Dianna G.

Lawn Care in Cary

We are a locally owned and operated company that is proud to provide homeowners with quality lawn care in Cary and surrounding areas. As one of the most qualified lawn care companies in the area, you can rest easy knowing your lawn is in good hands! With our experience in the business, we understand the importance of continuous education and staying up-to-date on the latest industry techniques. Our highly trained lawn care technicians how the best tools and treatments for creating a beautiful lawn in Cary.

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Lawn Care in Cary You Can Count On

Caring for your lawn takes time and knowledge to get it looking its best. At Davenport Environmental, our expert technicians have the effective treatments and techniques your lawn needs to thrive! We offer quality lawn care in Cary:

  • Soil Testing – Soil testing is an important first step to diagnosing exactly what your lawn needs to thrive! This helps us to focus our efforts to give you the exact services and nutrients your lawn needs.
  • Lime Applications – Lime application allows us to maintain a proper pH for your lawn, keeping your lawn looking lush all year long.
  • Fertilization – We target the nutrients your lawn is lacking so we can feed your lawn exactly what it needs to thrive!
  • Tree and Shrub Installation – Our tree and shrub installation services increase the curb-appeal and value of your home, making your yard a place you’ll want to spend time with family and friends!
  • Weed Control – By taking a preventative and reactive approach to weed management, we help stop weeds in their tracks and keep them from coming back.

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Mosquito Control in Cary

Mosquito eggs can mature into adults in as few as 8 days. It’s important to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard as quickly as possible. With Davenport Environmental, your Cary mosquito control needs are fulfilled every time.

Mosquitoes thrive in standing water. If you have birdbaths, gutters, children’s toys, or other containers outside, they are bound to fill with water. If left unchecked, these containers hold water for extended periods of time, attracting mosquitos. Worse yet, mosquitos turn these spots into breeding grounds, where females lay 100 eggs at a time.

After conducting a thorough inspection of your yard, our mosquito control in Cary team will identify breeding grounds and problem areas. We’ll create a customized Carry mosquito treatment plan to be rid of them for good.

Here’s what our barrier sprays can do for your Cary mosquito problem:

  • Kill mosquitoes on contact
  • Repel and eliminate mosquito eggs
  • Create an invisible shield, warding off mosquitos for nearly a month

With our multi-application problem, you’ll have our mosquito control in Cary team return monthly to ensure your population is under control.

Enjoy Contract-Free Service

As a locally-owned lawn care company, you are more than just our customer — you’re our neighbor! That is why we strive to always provide open communication, keeping you in the loop on your lawn’s needs and up-to-date on your treatments. It all begins with pre-service phone calls and continues throughout your partnership with us so you know what’s happening in your yard from start to finish. This, along with our no-contract model, keeps you in control throughout the entire process. We’re so confident you’ll love our services, we even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Enjoy hassle-free lawn care!

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