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  • Full exterior barrier treatment around your home
  • Front porch, back porch, deck area treatments
  • Knock down reachable spider webs & wasp nests
  • Treat reachable eves around home
  • Full interior treatment
  • Treat fire ant mounds up to 3 ft. away from home
  • Rodent/Insect monitors placed in crawlspace, attic, and garage
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  • *Quarterly rate is based upon home square footage
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The Davenport Environmental Difference

Protect Your Family, Home, and Yard Against Pests!

Living in the Southeast is great — we have mild weather, the mountains, beautiful beaches, growing cities, and so much more. Unfortunately, we also have serious pest problems! Pests are a year-round issue for most homeowners and getting rid of them can seem like a never-ending battle. The best way to protect your family, home, and yard from pests is to prevent them at the source. With Davenport Environmental, you can enjoy your home and yard without worrying about these pests invading your lives.

Comprehensive Pest Control Programs in The Carolinas

  • Home Pest Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Flea & Tick Programs
  • Grub Treatments
  • Fire Ant Control
  • Yellow Jacket Treatment

Pests will damage your home, contaminate your food and living areas, as well as damage your lawn and cause health risks to your family and pets! Don’t settle for a pest-infested home and yard any longer — let Davenport Environmental help keep your property protected with our home and lawn pest control programs. We’ll provide lasting protection for your home and lawn against the most common pests in the Southeast, some of which include:

Sugar Ants * Little Black Ants * Odorous House Ants * Fire Ants * Pharaoh Ants * Thief Ants * Pavement Ants * Argentine Ants * Spiders * Smoky Brown Roaches * American Roaches * Brown Banded Roach * German Roach * Oriental Roaches * Silverfish * Firebrats * Millipedes * Jumping Spider * Earwig * Centipede * Ground Beetles * Fleas * Wasps (on structure) * Yellow Jackets * Mice * Mites * Rats * Crickets * Stored Product Pests * Hornets (on structure) * Ticks * Grubs * Moles * Mosquitos * And More!

Ongoing Treatments For Lasting Protection

The most effective way to treat a pest problem is to stop it from occurring in the first place! Once we get the pests out of your home we maintain preventive treatme

nts in the yard, and around the perimeter of your home, in order to keep the pests out and to limit the amount of interior treatments needed on your home. Because of our fluctuating temperatures here in the Southeast, pests will be an ongoing throughout the year. Without the right protection in place, pests can be a year-round threat. In order to provide lasting protection, we recommend recurring perimeter pest treatments that include

  • An initial inspection: First, we inspect your property and its surroundings to identify existing pest issues and potential problem areas. We will provide you with a free pest inspection report along with an estimate for pest protection for your home and lawn.
  • Targeted treatments: From there, we customize a treatment plan that will fit your needs, budget, and target the pests in your home and lawn. We then eliminate all existing infestations and pest populations through our targeted treatments.
  • Recurring treatments: To keep pests at bay, we follow up with regular treatments to make sure pests don’t have the opportunity to breed and infest the lawn & landscape.
  • Open communication: We’ll keep you informed of what we find in your home and yard and update our progress throughout the entire process!

Quality Service Without the Binding Contracts

One of the biggest advantage

both reactive and proactive treatments, which include:

s of partnering with Davenport Environmental for your outdoor pest control needs is our contract-free pest control services. Most of our competitors require you to sign a 12-month agreement, which can feel suffocating if you’re not getting the results you expect. We’re proud to offer perimeter pest control without the binding contracts. You heard that right — no contracts necessary, just quality service and results from a local company that you can trust. We not only refuse to bind you into a contract, we offer a money back guarantee with our pest plans.








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